Center for Vaccine Research

Vaccine Research Laboratory

The Vaccine Research Laboratories (VRL) contains the focal point of the CVR research bringing together scientists from varied disciplines with a common goal of investigating the pathogenesis and immunology of emerging infectious diseases and biodefense pathogens. The research conducted within the VRL is towards a goal of eventual vaccine and novel therapeutics development against these globally significant pathogenic agents. The VRL is composed of multiple and complementary laboratories lead by primary investigators from diverse scientific backgrounds that drive the innovative research within the CVR. The VRL occupies approximately 15,000 square feet between two floors of the Biomedical Science Tower 3 (BST3) and provides state of the art facilities to support the basic biomedical research activities of the CVR. The main floor is shared by the University of Pittsburgh’s BioMS Core laboratories. In addition to basic research space, the VRL facilities include offices and conference rooms, dedicated Biosafety Level 2/2+ tissue culture rooms, and instrument rooms.

Access to the CVR's Regional Biocontainment Laboratory, other University of Pittsburgh Departments, Cores, and Centers located within or close to the BST3 offers an outstanding interactive research environment for VRL scientists. This exceptional and novel atmosphere provides the faculty of the VRL with access to specialized facilities and equipment, such as Microarray, Robotics, NMR, X-ray Crystallography and Mass Spectrometry instrumentation. 

Access to new, highly specialized instrumentation affords investigators and their working groups the tools necessary to perform exciting research at the cutting edge of innovation. 

To learn more about the VRL, please submit an online request or telephone 412-624-4480.